Joshua Crozier is a singer-songwriter from Uptown, Chicago; he grew up at Jesus People USA, which is an intentional Christian community many like to describe as a smalltown within an apartment building. This shaped his passion for creating and participating in community--diverse, messy, and beautiful as it is. Joshua is a lover of people, pretty much any form of art, physical activity, nature, Jesus, and coffee. Not necessarily in that order.

Although this is the first album he’s ever written, Joshua feels as if he cannot take credit for the adventure that became Desert Rain. He feels as if he were not the creator of these songs; rather, the conduit for them. Joshua is also very grateful for the community of musicians who joined him in the journey of recording. He wrote the album in a season of personal spiritual dryness, as prayer to experience God’s provision in the midst of it all. Joshua hopes these songs will be life-giving and speak truth to your soul, as they still do to his own.