1. Repurposed

From the recording Cardboard Box

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From Glenn Kaiser's 2011 release Cardboard Box


Never cared about the environment
Until I got older
Never understood why
Some people kept their house colder
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Everything dies
All turns to rust

We are learnin', to recycle
To help, the earth be green
We can do it, with the elements
So what about the people we meet?

Just wanted to be left alone
"Live and let live" they say
I'll try to give you your space
We can share the right of way
Then the boss said "Thanks" "Goodbye"
An' then I got sick
Wall Street became Hell Street
Seemed I missed every trick

The poor, get recycled
The rich still roll in green
Buyin', selling' without thought
Tell me who is served by greed?

Salvation knockin' on my door
Didn't know that I was lost
Studied history, causes that end with a cross
But I've been repurposed
I just cannot pretend
Bein' happy, satisfied
Ain't the beginning and end

We're learnin' to recycle
Helpin' the earth to green
Carin' more for the planet
So what about the people we meet?
What about the people we meet?