From the recording Cardboard Box

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From Glenn Kaiser's 2011 release Cardboard Box


I don't know who to trust
But I know I can't make it on my own
Livin' in the street
Is beatin' me down
Cuttin' right to the bone
Been a long time since
I had a family
Or a place of my own
Tired a livin' like this
Gotta be another way
I know it down
I know down in my soul

The sun streams in touchin' my bed
It's a brand new day
Opportunity came
So I took the chance
To walk a different way
Food on my plate- pPillow on my bed
Learnin' new things
Maybe love is real- maybe I can feel
The brush of angel wings
Brush of angel wings

Ain't all I want
But most of my needs are bein' met
Shelter helpin' me
Gettin' on my feet- I'm not finished yet
God cares about me
I'm beginnin' to see
This is for the best
Someone's got my back
Faith becomin' fact
There is a table set