From the recording This Next Song Is About Death

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From Leper's 2019 release This Next Song Is About Death


Fon Ghrèin / Beneath the Sun

This is the evil that takes place in all things
The same destiny overtakes all
The hearts of men moreover
Are filled with evil and madness
After they join the dead the living have hope
This is the evil that takes place in all things
Beneath the sun

For the living know that they will die
They know that they will have no further reward
And they are forgotten
Their loves, their hates
Their jealousy will long since have vanished
Never again will they have part
In anything that takes place
Beneath the sun

I saw the tears of the oppressed and they had no comforter
Power was on the side of the oppressors
Declare the dead who are already dead
Are happier than the living who are still alive
But better than both of these are those
Who have not been born yet
Those who have not yet beheld the evil that is done

The fool will fold his hands
And simply ruin himself
Better one handful of tranquility
Than two with toil
Chase the wind, chase the wind, look again
Behold the evil
Beneath the sun

Gang vox: Stewart Brown, Scott Cifone, Colleen Davick, Darren Davick, Justin Filizola, Meghan Filizola, Sonia Lyle, Mellie Manfredi, Rachel Shaw, Bob Thompson, Alice Waterbury, Ryan Wendt, Sara Wendt