1. You Are Holy

From the recording This Next Song Is About Death

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From Leper's 2019 release This Next Song Is About Death


Tha Thu Naomh / You Are Holy

You are the one who has lifted me up
Out of the jaws of the ravenous one
For the enemy seeks for my destruction
You are the ransom of life and the king on the throne
The resolution at the end of the drone

You are the morning, You are the light
You are the day, You are the night
You are thy guidance, You are the Son
Miraculous Christ, the merciful one

You are the truth, the way, and the life
Defending my honor from Lucifer's lie
You are the shepherd who cares for the flock
Beaten and battered, You will bandage me up

I am the one who has wandered away
You forgive my transgressions and called me by name
You are holy

Shawn Browning: guest vox