1. Money to Burn

From the recording Swamp Gas Messiahs

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You impress the rich an' shameless
With millions in the bank
But silver, gold to have an' hold
Don't put love in their tank
Shoes ya wear to yer underwear
Won't put out the heat
For widows, orphans, mentally needy
Ya left out in the street
The stranded empty-handed
You gilded-caged ignore
Unless they pay homage
An' at your feet adore
Much is given, will be required
But to you more ain't enough
One above sees every deal
An' He will call yer bluff

Build bigger barns or towers
Executive privilege thick
Ain't real love or power
Just a little business trick
You talk like they're important
But only to your brand
The heart of the heartless
Is buried in the sand

There's One name under heaven
Which ought to cause concern
Yes One Who's up in heaven
Who ought to cause concern
The sickest truth some among us
Never seem to learn
That mountain of money
It's all gonna burn

It was just, only just
All just money to burn