1. Self Defense

From the recording Swamp Gas Messiahs

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Go on take it off the rack
Tuck in, hear the action klack
Take aim and never once look back
In self defense
Drink deeply of the anger, fear
Tell yourself this is why you're here
Beam of light on the wounded deer
Trapped within the fence

You murdered him in self defense
Pulled the trigger every bullet spent
Not considering the pain, lament
Sucking smoke for air
This murder in self defense
No love nor kindly sense
Blood cries out
What do you care?

Find political will
Effective drugs to kill
Bullets, gas and still
History mocks your work
Shout the lie of your innocence
Self righteousness, ignorance
Your page at the end of time
Filthy rags and dirt

We murder in self defense
Pull the trigger with the words we sent
Divorce ourselves from the hell we fed our enemies
'Til every mouth and door are shut
We murder in self defense
Law for them, grace for me
Death for them, deaf for me