1. Loser's Game

From the recording Swamp Gas Messiahs

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As we love the mountains
An' the hollows where you roam
Near the railroads and the rivers
Where you have made your home
We love you, yes we do!
Without you we grow pale
No cake no wake no funeral
Early piney box or nails

You're in our heart and in our lungs
Black and thick and fine
We breathe you as our daily bread
Ol' wineskins with old wine

Daddy and grand daddy too
Addicted to the work
For long years their women feared
But a man ignores the hurt
You may be the death of us
But we'll love you jus' the same
Ol' king coal you take your toll
No matter who's to blame
Ol' king coal you'll win the roll
‘Cuz change is a loser's game

We'll love you with all our heart
Love you 'til death do us part