1. Straw Man

From the recording Swamp Gas Messiahs

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Headlights are on
We hit the high beams
The margins crowd
Our American dream
You cannot trust
The underclass
While atlas shrugged
They ate our trash

O destiny, sweet destiny
Manifest your hold on me
O providence
Play our winning hand
Light the match
So burns the straw man

We are the kings
And queens of right
We back it up
With our sovereign might
Predestined lords
In this corrupt earth
Our noses long
By royal birth

We came we saw
And we conquered all
For God and man
Kings of the hill
We shall prevail
On blood-soaked land
Banking spoils of war
So burns the straw man

How dare the peasants disagree
We were born to rule
And them to poverty
Let justice roll
From our holy hand
Our might makes right
As we burn the straw man

In endless night
We keep command
Bright as our skin
We burn the straw man