1. 02 Sleipner

From the recording 'Til We Meet Again

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Bialach, Krogh


The waters are angry on the cold northern sea
The coast is rugged the vessels are strong
The waves are six feet. She was rated for three
On the west coast of Norway they pray and they plead
For the captain has taken Sleipner to sea
Stavanger to Bergen a ninety mile run
The light at Ryvarden was drawing a-beam
When Storebloksen rock rose out of the night
Off the island of Bømlo she was buried at sea

The skipper worked hard to gain his command
The ship his companion the sea was his friend
He'd made this run daily for three months on end
Now a private hell haunts him. Will this never end?
Though injured, he stayed on the bridge to the last
The water still rising, now up to his chest
He thought of the eighty-six souls in his care
How many would die, how many be spared

With the wisdom of age she knew she was done
She'd lived her life well. She'd lived her life long
Her courage gave heart to a frightened young one
As she slipped 'neath the waves she knew he'd go on
Those cold northern waters had claimed sixteen lives
She'd helped him find courage and he had survived
He had lived and he'd see his family again
Would his fear of dark waters forever remain?

What once was familiar, safe, and unchanged
Now to so many it all felt so strange
Their peace had been shattered, security strained
But life would go on, and faith would remain