1. Cardboard Box

From the recording Cardboard Box

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From Glenn Kaiser's 2011 release Cardboard Box
Harmonica played by Joe Filisko.


Once was a husband
Things went south
Had us a home
'Til we lost our house
Wall Street broker
Trashed our stocks
Economy folded
Livin' in a cardboard box
Livin' in a cardboard box

No matter the weather
Nothin' feels right
Scorchin' in daylight
Freezin' at night
Beatin' the pavement
Holes in my socks
I don't seem to fit
Nothin' but a cardboard...

People, they stare
Aw -they just don't know
Or look right past me
How'd I get so low?
Needin' an address
Needin' a job
A lil' understanding
Don't need to rob

All they can see
Are birds of a flock
God have mercy
Get me outta this cardboard box