From the recording This Next Song Is About Death

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From Leper's 2019 release This Next Song Is About Death


Far a Bheil Do Ghath? / Where Is Thy Sting?

I tell you this
Flesh and blood cannot inherit
The Kingdom of God
I tell you this
We will not all sleep
But we shall be changed...

Where is thy sting?

I tell you this
In a twinkling of an eye
The trumpet will sound and we shall be changed
The corruptible will go on to be incorruptible
And death will be swallowed in victory...

Gang vox: Stewart Brown, Scott Cifone, Colleen Davick, Darren Davick, Justin Filizola, Meghan Filizola, Sonia Lyle, Mellie Manfredi, Rachel Shaw, Bob Thompson, Alice Waterbury, Ryan Wendt, Sara Wendt