1. Free

From the recording Purple Flowers

Okay, this last one, I started writing once I got back home, after treatment, after isolation... looking at what God's been putting before me for a while. Can I be free? What holds me back? Just a funny little tune, I didn't even have all the phrasing or lyrics down when we recorded it, but I tried it anyway and like the way most of it fell. Can you be free?


sun is rising
morning's coming..
stars danced across the sky,
but now black turns to blue
reminds me of this new beginning
I have in You

free to be what You made me to be
free to dance as You made me to dance
free to sing as You made me to sing
here I go

rear view mirror
that familiar face is begging me
"just one more time"
sing that same old song
dance that same old dance

but I'll stomp on that gas pedal, as hard as I can
I don't have to stay in jail with that grouchy old man
I'm gonna get outta here just as fast as I can
here I go...

turn some pages,
in that faded, storybook
grab that yellow number 2
and take that chance..
it's a new story and it
starts with you...

Free to be what He made you to be
Free to dance how He made you to dance
Free to sing as loud as you can...
Here we go..