1. I Hear Talk

From the recording Swamp Gas Messiahs

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I hear talk about Chicago
With our gangs and the violence of guns
As I travel the rural states of this land
The opioid crisis don't walk - no, it runs
And the right and the left and the middle
Don't want it on their front lawns
While the most moneyed politicians
Talk and talk while corporate mouths yawn

Visit the jails and the prisons
From sea to shining sea
Visit the courtrooms and laws on the books
And tell me that freedom is free
When it's sold to the highest bidder
When their bank account is kept safe
Offshore, upscale, political cronies
In these United States

The talk I hear over and over
Love takes a backseat to loot
Money buys power and fascist prestige
And the marginalized get the boot
I write this song on Veteran's Day
With the millions of flags over millions of graves
And I wonder - who are the slaves?
Those who whitewash the truth away