From the recording Swamp Gas Messiahs

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All eyes on you - gotta be the main
Nobody comes close to you - can't beat you at your game
Ain't nothin' to be sorry for - as long as you're first
You're the winner, even when you lose - an' the truth gets worse

You're a person of principle - an' the principal is you
An ethical trainwreck - play the king, be the fool
You scold and belittle - don't dare disagree
But when the end comes around
Gonna be on your knees

At the sound of the last trump
Pride before the fall
The most powerful liar in the world
Will have nothin' to say at all

Could've cared about the widow
The homeless and the hurt
Could've cared for the planet
Took your pay from scorched earth
Made a fortune off a name
Bought a trophy wife
Built towers of babble
In exchange for a life