1. You Ain't

From the recording Swamp Gas Messiahs

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Over the river
Middle of the night
Hunger in your belly
Violence an' fright
Speak a different language
Cook a different meal
They don't care what you think
They don't care how you feel
Add up the numbers
They will make it clear
They don't like your kind
You ain't welcome here

They love law
When it deals them a winnin' hand
Justice for the Natives and
Blacks in their land
Asians, Hispanics
Everybody's rights
Clean, bright, tidy
'Specially if you're white
Just so you'll understand
They will make it clear
Unless you're just like them
You ain't welcome here

A nation of immigrants
Civilized and armed
Saw the goods and conquered
Few became alarmed
But when time came to share the wealth
It was time to fight
Do before it's done to you
Might determines right
And they’re sayin' one more time
Rage, fear or tears
Mercy, justice, take a hike
You ain't welcome here