1. Run Away

From the recording Purple Flowers

I started hinking around with this chord progression and the line "As funny as it seems," just rolled out along with the first verse and the chorus... the thought of running away with God, rather than running from Him, contrary to all the itching of being human. It becomes a blur as to when the rest of the song came, but I know I started it before I went in for my RAI treatment and finished it when I was back here in the "tower".

It was still scary and gets that way from time to time, but I'm comforted by the One, the Love, is who so much more than anything in this world :-)


As funny as it seems,
I used to run from You.
Until You touched my heart
And we opened up the door

I've walked so many roads,
Some I choose and some I don't
You're always there with me,
I never walk alone

I run away with You, Just to run away with You

This world is full of surprises,
Some will take your breath away
Hang onto His heart,
He'll help you, if you'll stay

And walk the road before you,
With it's pebbles and it's stones,
A dusty road behind you,
You've made it home.

Just to run away with You, to Run away with You...

As funny as it seems,
I still run from time to time.
Oh not where you can see,
I'm just running in my mind.

That something comes along,
Looks to high for me to climb,
You take my shaking hand,
"Girl, you're gonna be just fine."

Just to run away with You, to run away with You..
Lord to run away with You, to run away with You...